The 3 Best Garden Carts In 2021 🇺🇸

Gardening is a peaceful and interesting hobby to take up. From growing beautiful flowers in a multitude of shades to feasting on veggies you grew yourself, gardening is also extremely rewarding.

However, gardening will require some specific tools, some of which can be quite heavy and can be somewhat hard on your hands, back, and joints.

The addition of a garden cart to your gardening tool arsenal is a terrific way to take some of the stress and pressure off your body. You will be able to carry everything you need in your cart, saving your back, hands, and the rest of you feeling less stressed.

While looking for the top garden carts available, we researched ten of the best models. In addition, we have handcrafted a guide to help you understand which features are the most important and how to find the best garden cart for you and your garden.

Review of the Best Garden Carts





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Best Garden Carts – Buyer’s Guide

A garden cart makes moving heavy or cumbersome items easier. They have a multitude of uses from gardening to shopping. In recent years, carts have become much more affordable making them a feasible option for homeowners as well as professional landscaping artists.

There are currently thousands of garden carts available. With so many choices, sifting through them all can be a huge hassle. As a result, we have created this shopping guide to help demystify the purchasing process while giving you the necessary insight to find the best garden cart for your needs. Let’s get started!

Do I Really Need a Garden Cart?

Garden carts have come a long way from the old school wheelbarrows our grandparents and parents used. They are a terrific help when moving heavy items such bags of fertilizer, mulch, heavy tools, and much more. In recent years they have been streamlined and adapted to fit a much wider variety of needs and purposes.

Garden carts have become common to use when camping or heading to the beach. Lightweight versions crafted with nylon or other fabrics are perfect for hauling your groceries into your apartment or home. They can also be fun for kids to be carted around in at amusement parks or for a trip around the block.

Advantages of Garden Cart over Wheelbarrow

Either a wheelbarrow or a garden cart, both of them are important for your garden. You need to understand the nature of work and working purposes; then you should decide what will be the best option for you. After all, a garden cart has some advantages over a wheelbarrow, and here we show that

1. You know the garden cart has several wheels, and all the wheels withstand touching the ground always. That means the loads directly transmit to the ground through tires. That is why a garden cart requires less effort from the user, which is dissimilar to a wheelbarrow. Naturally, you can carry more loads on a garden cart.

2. In a garden cart, the wheels are placed on each side. For tire distribution, a garden cart is more stable than a wheelbarrow. For this reason, the tipping chance is very low in the case of a garden cart.

3. A garden cart is always a good option over a wheelbarrow regarding carrying capacity. With the garden cart, you will be able to carry heavy and bulky loads.

Types of Garden Carts

Dump Carts – A dump cart has been designed to look like a utility wagon or wheelbarrow but it also has the ability to easily dump its contents.  This type of cart usually features a bucket-like shape instead of straight sides. Because of its unique shape, most dump carts are constructed out of hard plastic that’s been molded to empty contents effortlessly.

Collapsible Carts – Collapsible carts are ones that have been cleverly designed to fold up so that they can be stored or transported easily. They feature fabric sides with an accordion metal frame. The sides cannot be removed and the load capacity is significantly less than a metal framed option.

Flatbed Cart – Flatbed carts do not have any side rails. Instead, they feature a flat platform that’s been placed on wheels. Many garden carts come with rails that can be removed, giving you a 2-in-1 option so that you can use the flatbed to haul large or awkward objects and then you can attach the rails to carry smaller loads of twigs and leaves, etc.

Utility Cart – A utility cart is a cart that has more than one use. It can be used for the likes of gardening, camping, picnics, or for moving sports equipment. These carts generally come with added accessories and attachments, such as cup holders, pouches, and platforms that form tables.


Features To Look For In Garden Carts

Load Capacity – How big are the loads you plan on moving? If you plan on doing a bit of light gardening on the odd occasion, then you will get away with using a cart that has a load capacity that’s less than 300 pounds. If you need to cart heavy gardening equipment around or have to lug gravel and the likes, then a steel cart that can carry well over 1000 pounds will be your best bet.

Tires – Your lighter weight garden carts come with plastic tires that are sufficient enough to carry loads along a mowed lawn. If you plan on doing some more challenging gardening, however, then you want to keep an eye out for a model that features pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are constructed out of rubber and are also filled with air.  This allows them to absorb some of the shock while you move heavier loads over rough terrain.

Bed Construction – A steel bed construction is the strongest option when it comes to garden carts. The steel structure will be able to withstand heavy use and it won’t be easily damaged. Remember, though, that steel does rust – so that’s one thing to keep in mind.

Plastic beds are another option. They are lighter and generally easier to pull. Most plastic designs are quite small, however, and there is always the possibility that they begin to crackle over time.

Storage – Do you have enough storage space to keep a large steel garden cart out of the rain? If you are limited with shed and closet space, you may want to consider a collapsible design that can fold away for easy storage. Some models fold so compactly that they can fit under a bed or in the trunk of a car.

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