Top 3 Magnetic Knife Holders In 2021 🇺🇸

Safety in the kitchen is of grave importance, which means you need to ensure the safe storage of sharp objects like the knife. That is where the best magnetic knife holders come in. While some chefs prefer knife sets that come in a storage block, those who buy different knives separately will find these knife holders convenient and practical.

The best magnetic holders are designed with magnets, of course, and can be easily attached to a surface, usually a wall onto which you will have your knives attached. In addition to organizing your kitchen, these holders come in wide varieties that can match your kitchen’s interior décor.

Reviews of the Best Magnetic Knife Holders





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Why Choose Magnetic Knife Holders?

why would you opt to buy magnetic knife holders instead of a block or tucking them away into a drawer?


The first advantage of using a magnetic holder is improved safety in the kitchen. Given that the holders are placed away from the reach of children and are easily located, you are safer using a magnetic knife holder compared to a block or the cutlery drawer.


If you are the type to misplace your knife in the kitchen all the time, a good knife holder will make things more convenient for you. You can almost always know where your knife is, and if the holder is empty you will be prompted to place your knives there.

Kitchen Space

Unlike knife blocks that require a lot of kitchen counter space, magnetic knife holders store your knives without eating your kitchen space. Besides, you will have more room in the drawer for other pieces of cutlery.

Knives Maintenance

No doubt, the best maintenance regimen for your kitchen knives will ensure their longevity. Putting all your knives in the same drawer is likely to damage the blades, handles, and the edges of the knives, hindering their durability. Hanging them separately eradicates these risks.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder Buying Guide

Before picking the right magnetic knife holder for your kitchen, a few things need considering. They include:


The choice of the material of your magnetic knife holder will mainly depend on the style of your kitchen and your preference. For instance, if yours is a modern kitchen, then a stainless bar, like the Global Magnetic Knife Holder would be a perfect choice. If you, however, prefer wood finishing, then go for something like the Kuaile Knife Holder.


How thick and long your magnetic knife holder should be will be guided by the space you have in your kitchen. Also, you’d be better placed if you got a long bar especially if you have many pieces of cutlery that you plan to put on the magnetic holder.


The appearance of the magnetic holder will matter since it will impact the style of your kitchen. A simple design can be versatile and go well with various interiors. Be sure to be okay with the construction of the holder before placing your order.


How hard is it to mount the knife holder on the wall? Most of the best magnetic knife holders are easy to install and come with mounting hardware. You don’t want to spend time and money mounting your magnetic holder.


Another important consideration is the strength of the magnets on the knife holder. Weak magnets mean there will be dead zones on your bar and may drop the knives. This is a safety threat. The knife holders reviewed in this article have strong magnets that eliminate dead zones.

Where to mount your magnetic knife holder

Let us give you some simple options where you can mount your magnetic knife holder:

Above the sink: safe and inaccessible to your little ones. It is also easy to reach after washing and drying the knives.

Underneath the cabinets: may not be the best option for households with children. This option is however great if you want your knives out of sight.

Behind or to the side of the stove: this option keeps the knives within reach when you are preparing food.

Window frame: this is a good idea if you don’t have any wall space to spare.

Inside the cabinet door: if you want your knives out of sight, then this is a great option as well.

Side of the cabinet: this is an underused space that you can also take advantage of when you want to mount your magnetic knife holder.

On the refrigerator: there are specific magnetic knife holders designed for this.


The best magnetic knife holders conveniently store your knives and make it easy for you to find them whenever you need to. The right choice will depend on your preference for size, material, appearance, and the strength of the magnets.

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