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The ocarina is best known for its use in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But, the instrument has actually been around for a very long time. Trace of this ancient instrument can first be found 12,000 years ago. Instruments that look similar to the ocarina can be found all over the world. Places with ocarinas include South America, Central America, and China.

With such a long and varied history, it makes sense that there are so many different styles and sizes of ocarina available today. You may be looking to learn more about this amazing little wind instrument. Or, you could want to play Zelda ocarina tabs. No matter the cause of your interest in ocarinas, you should read this review.

This review aims to help you in the purchasing process of these beautiful melodic instruments. Factors we consider important when working out the best ocarina to suit your needs include shape, chambers, material, holes, pitch, size and weight. You must take your time to read as much research as possible before purchasing, to give you the best chance of buying a great value ocarina.

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Best Ocarinas Buying Guide

If you are new to ocarinas, you may need a little more information before you find your next instrument. Below we’ve listed the top three considerations to take into account when you are shopping for an ocarina. Read on to find out more.


Modern ocarinas come in three different material types: plastic, ceramic, and porcelain. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons.

No surprise, plastic ocarinas are the most affordable option for most people. Plastic ocarinas are great for beginners because they lower the bar of entry into ocarina playing. Plus, you can easily use them with easy ocarina songs. Just don’t expect plastic ocarinas to have a professional sounding tone. You may need to upgrade to another material for that.

The most common material for ocarinas is ceramic. Ceramic is made of heat hardened clay. Think of ceramic dishes or glasses. But, ceramic works great in ocarina construction because it vibrates very well. And, ceramic ocarinas are always handcrafted. This increases their visual as well as sonic appeal. If you plan on taking ocarina lessons, you want a ceramic instrument.

Finally, there are the porcelain ocarinas. Porcelain is the gold-standard ocarina material. This is the material professional players choose, i.e. the best ocarinas are made from this material. The sound of a porcelain ocarina will be clear and project very far. One thing to keep in mind, a porcelain ocarina will cost you a lot more.

Pitch Range

Pitch range essentially tells you what pitches you can play on the ocarina. Like many wind instruments, there is a finite number of pitches that any given ocarina can play. And, these pitches are directly related to how many holes the instrument has.

There are some 6 hole ocarina tabs available. However, 12 hole ocarina tabs are more common. In fact, most beginner players will want to stick with a twelve hole ocarina. The 12 hole ocarina finger chart is linear and easy to remember. Plus, there is a lot of 12 hole ocarina sheet music available.

Advanced players will want to purchase an instrument with a larger range. In this case, you will want to find a double or triple ocarina. These instruments will open up the number of pitches that you can play.


The size of the ocarina also matters a lot for its overall playability and pitch. Ocarinas come in a family, just like many others. Like saxophones or viols, the members of the ocarina family are named based on their size. They also have the names of the vocal ranges. Thus, you will find soprano, alto, tenor, and bass ocarinas.

Depending on the size of the person using the ocarina, you may need a certain size instrument. Small ocarinas are better for small hands and vice versa. For this reason, the smaller ocarinas are generally better for children. Adults may want a larger instrument.

Additionally, the larger the ocarina, the deeper its pitch. So, size is also a personal decision. If you like a low tone, then you will want to choose a larger ocarina. But, keep in mind that the larger instruments will have larger holes. This can be a problem when trying to cover them correctly. You may need an ocarina tutorial.


Are ocarinas fit for children to learn to play?

Ocarina is an easy instrument for children to learn how to play. By just blowing the ocarina, you can immediately hear the sound and get a note. You can easily change the pitch of the notes by covering the holes, hence children can immediately gain the effect from learning every note.

Children can be motivated by the quick achievements that they get from playing the ocarina and they become quickly engaged as the instrument is simple and easy to play.

What is the history of ocarina?

The ocarina is an ancient vessel flute that has been played for over 12000 years. The origin of ocarinas can be traced to different cultures of the world. In South and Central America, the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas created and performed using clay ocarinas which were always designed like animals or birds.

Ocarinas shaped in animals or birds could also be found as early as 5000BC in India. China had a more rounded and egg-like ocarina called a Xun.

Is it better to make an ocarina yourself?

Buying a ready-made ocarina will save you the time. But if you wish to make an ocarina on your own, there are plenty of lessons for you to explore. Here we have an example of work on wooden ocarina here:

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