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Whether you’re looking for the perfect outdoor-ready survival bag or everyday carry pack, finding the right tactical backpack can maximize your storage space and keep you comfortable in the most demanding circumstances. Tactical backpacks are suitable for long-distance hiking, law enforcement, military deployment, and other high-activity ventures. Many come with hydration bladder compatibility and external ports for nozzles, radio antennae, or earphones. Their all-weather materials and highly structured layouts are designed to keep your gear protected and sit comfortably on the upper body, even when toting heavy items.

From afternoon hikes to 3-day treks, these multi-size tactical bags take innovative toting to the next level with highly organized compartments and convertible wear. We’ve chosen our top 3 best tactical backpacks for their customizable features, comfortable design and all-purpose ruggedness.

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Different types of tactical backpacks

*Tactical MOLLE Backpacks

MOLLE means Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. As this backpack has made with MOLLE so, its call “Tactical MOLLE Backpack”. Especially, military forces like USA and NATO used this backpack.

Modula design is one of the notable features of this pack. With help of this, you can customize your pack according to your special equipment. Furthermore, you can also attach pouches or modules to make it more versatile.

*Tactical Sling Backpack

This type of backpack is perfect for school and the ones who attend classes. Sling backpack has built to carry all the books in a large compartment and pockets to store small items. In addition, single sling design allows users to hang it on one shoulder. Moreover, its durability, ample space and waterproof quality makes it one of the preferred backpack.

  • *Tactical Laptop Backpack

The tactical laptop backpack is primarily designed to protect sensitive electronic devices like a laptop. Beside durable and sturdy, this pack comes with extra padding to keep your devices more secure. Moreover, it guarantees you for the best protection regardless of any weather condition. Because of extremely waterproof design.

Tactical Backpack Buyer Guide: What to Consider Before Buying?

This is an essential part that I suggest you browse through before making any purchase. If you want to get the right tactical backpack, four factors should be looked at as below:

Purpose of use and your budget for a tactical backpack

There are tons of tactical backpacks on the market in different styles, colors, shapes, and brands that might confuse you about what to pick and quickly end up with a tactical bag that can be used once and never seen the second time. 

Therefore, defining your purpose and your budget is one of the critical elements for your long-term satisfaction.

Suppose you are a law enforcer or a military activist, and you need something for carrying heavy loads frequently along with big capacity. In that case, a big sturdy backpack with long-lasting materials will never get you down. 

If you are looking for a big-sized rucksack to organize your weapons, for sure, a compact bag for school will not work out; something intentionally made for weapon carrying will be perfectly fit. That is why the purpose of the use is a crucial element for idea organization in this article. 

Moreover, the budget is another essential aspect to consider. Something cheap can be good, but something good is not always cheap. Therefore, sticking on your purpose and your budget range is the right direction not to be lost among the chaotic information sources.

Material of the tactical backpack

When it comes to backpack materials, denier, polyester, nylon, and Oxford substances are the most commonly used.

Denier can be found in most typical tactical backpacks. The higher rating this type of material does, the thicker and sturdier it is. Regular backpacks are usually made from about 250D, but for tactical ones, it requires at least 500D to maintain the robustness over time.

Polyester, nylon, and Oxford are the most durable and light substances. 

Polyester is proper material, but it is slender and less pricey than nylon. When it comes to making rucksack heftier, polyester should be from 400D to 600D, and nylon should have a higher rating than 700D.

You also should look at the waterproof coating feature. It helps to keep your belongings and gear safe from heavy rainfalls.

Back Support when carrying the tactical backpack

Imagine how painful and fragile your back and shoulders are while carrying a heavy load for a long time. That is the reason why this matter should be taken into significant consideration. Shoulder straps and the back panels of backpacks designed with comfortable cushioning and padding are the best. 

Breathable mesh padding will help to control the airflow and let the air pass through easily. If the tactical haversack comes with extra straps for the waist and chest, it must be more impressive. Because it will transfer the weight and release pressure from your upper back onto your hips, all the heaviness will be disseminated across your body.

Capacity and organization of the tactical backpack

The liter is the unit of the backpack’s measurement. Almost all tactical rucksacks have an efficient design to utilize as much space as possible. The roomier the rucksack is, the more gear you can carry. 

For EDC backpack, it measures typically from 16 to 30 liters. Your everyday carry bag can be added to a hydration bladder as well. This type of volume can be used for school, short camping trips, and work.

For a three-day assault pack, it typically sizes from 40 to 60 liters. This large-capacity backpack allows you to store enough belongings and gear for an extended period such as a sleeping bag, emergency kit, water, cookware, tent, clothes, food, weapons. For this big-sized bag, there is usually a built-in hydration system with a tube available; you can drink on the move.

All today tactical backpacks are well equipped with zippers and systematic compartments. Most of them have a MOLLE wedding system for extra space to hang on small objects or anchors with additional pouches and packs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be in a tactical backpack?

Tactical backpacks are generally roomy and systematic for your flexible organization. There is always enough room to store your belongings and gear, no matter what they are. If you plan to go camping, for sure, you can keep your small tent, first aid kit, a bottle of water, clothes, blanket, flashlight, food, camera gear. 

If you buy a tactical backpack for school, you can keep your laptop, books, notebooks, pen, and personal items. Of course, it will depend on the events and purpose of use to define what should be put in.

How to care and maintain?

Most of the tactical rucksacks are made of robust and water-repellent materials. You can find most of them in different dark tones or cameo appearances; therefore, they are harder to get stained. Each backpack has been designed from specific fabrics and different structures so that it’d better follow the manufacturer’s instruction.

What goes in a three-day assault pack?

I think some essential items should be taken with you during a three-day assault pack, such as first aid kit, digestive and allergic medicines, water filtration system, small tent, paracord, flashlight, navigation tools, lighters. You can add more things in to make it compatible with your event.


The backpack has evolved over the years to the point now that they provide just about every level of durability and functionality a person could want or need. Whether you operate out of an air base in Kandahar or a fire station in Kansas City or whether you’re a hunter, climber or camper you owe it to yourself to augment your everyday kit with a hard-working, affordable tactical backpack.

We hope you find these tactical backpack reviews helpful and be sure to check back often for more useful reviews and information.

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